Gun Permit Center has some of the finest instructors in the state

*Our courses are designed to teach you more than just the basics.
*We want you to have a comprehensive understanding of what we are teaching you
*Our courses have the most updated information and the latest trainings
*Typically we can provide the firearm and no extra charge is required
*We spend time with you so you can feel comfortable with the material(s) and the trainings
*After all at Gun Permit Center our business is your safety

Minnesota Permit to CarryFlorida Concealed Weapons License

We offer individual or small group instruction by appointment

Contact us or call 952-290-0121 to schedule a class or lessons today: *One-on-one firearms instruction:
up to 3 people $50 per person per hour. Multiple hour discount.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for individual needs

Basic pistol class

$150 for 3-4 hour session

Working on basics of grip, sight picture, safety procedures and marksmanship

Advanced Carry class

$150 for 3-4 hour session

Designed to develop basic carry and holster techniques for the permit to carry holder

Advanced Carry class level 2

$150 for 3-4 hour session

Working in low light, movement, cover techniques to the basics of carrying a pistol for self defense

AR15 level one class

$150 for 4 hours

learning how to safely operate and maintain the AR15 weapon system

Shotgun for home defense

$200 for a 4 hour class

learning how to operate, load and test pattern a shotgun for home defense

AR15 level two class

$150, 4 hour session

Building on the basics, we move on to positional shooting, movement and multiple ranges