U.S. Court Rules Residency Requirements for Pistol Buys is Unconstitutional

By Kelly Riddell The Washington Times Wednesday February 11, 2015

A federal district court in Texas overturned a 1968 gun law prohibiting the sale of handguns to out-of-state residents,

granting those who live in Washington, D.C., the ability to travel to an out-of-state gun store, buy a handgun and bring it home without a middleman.

The ruling takes aim at the federal Gun Control Act of 1968, which prohibited handgun sales to out-of-state residents and was defended by Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.

, who argued that the law doesn’t violate the Second Amendment.


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DC Issues First Gun Permits

Approves 8 permits, but denys 11 applicants.

The Washington Free Beacon
By Stephen Gutowski

The District of Columbia has issued its first concealed handgun carry permits. As of January 26, there are eight civilians who can legally carry a firearm in the nation’s capital.

Currently, more permit applicants have been denied than approved.

“We’ve had 69 applications, of which 3 were canceled at the request of the applicant,” Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump said.

“So far eight licenses have been approved and issued.”

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Permit to Carry Application

The permit to carry application has reverted back to its original four pages

The BCA has reversed its new seven page application that was effective January 9, 2015

Please use this application


New Permit to Carry Application

Effective January 9. 2014 a new application form is required for permit to carry applicants.

The new application is 7 pages long, the old one is 4 pages. 

You can access a copy of the new application at the following link:

New Permit to Carry Application